The Study of Cybersecurity Self-Efficacy: A Systematic Literature Review of Methodology

The aim of this project is to obtain a systematic assessment of the methodological practices in Cybersecurity Self-Efficacy (CSE) research. CSE is the belief about one’s own ability to enact skills related to IT security or privacy, a psychological disposition that directly affects security behaviors. The co-determining effect of self-efficacy beliefs on motivation, and consequently performing behaviors, works through impacting mechanisms on goals, outcome expectations, and sociostructural factors. Implementing effective security behaviors is a major key to maintaining safe use of today’s smart technologies and ensuring one’s own data is protected. Given the sensitivity of data collected by e.g., smart home devices, its protection is of high relevance. Still, there remains a lack of systematic research that deals with the arisen ambiguity of CSE. We conducted a systematic literature review of general methodology and psychometrics, which identified a total of 1,769 potentially relevant research papers on the CSE topic.


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