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Prof. Dr. Malte Elson
Prof. Dr. Malte Elson

Research interests

  • Human learning and problem solving
  • IT security
  • Meta science
  • Behavior research methods
  • Media effects

Research Projects


  • 2014 - Dr. phil., Department of Psychology, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Cologne
    • Dissertation: Something is Rotten in the State of Aggression Research: Novel Methodological and Theoretical Approaches to Research on Digital Games and Human Aggression
  • 2011 - Diploma, Psychology, University of Cologne

Detailed CV


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Selected Publications

Here you can find the Google Scholar Profil of Prof. Dr. Elson.

  • Elson, M., Huff, M., & Utz, S. (2019, October 7). Meta Science on Peer Review: Testing the Effects of Study Originality and Statistical Significance in a Field Experiment.
  • Breuer, J., Elson, M., Pietschmann, D., & Liebold, B. (in press). Spectator Mode: Forschungsethische Fragen bei der Beobachtung von Computerspielern. [Ethical considerations in observational studies of computer game players]. In J. Vogelgesang, J. Matthes, C. Schieb, & T. Quandt (Eds.), Beobachtungsverfahren in der Kommunikationswissenschaft. Cologne, Germany: Halem.  
  • Lanier, M., Waddell, T. F., Elson, M., Tamul, D., Ivory, J., & Przybylski, A. K. (in press). Virtual reality check: Statistical power, reported results, and the validity of research on the psychology of virtual reality and immersive environments. Computers in Human Behavior.  
  • Elson, M. (in press). Examining Psychological Science through Systematic Meta-Method Analysis: A Call for Research. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science.  
  • LeBel, E. P., McCarthy, R. J., Earp, B. D., Elson, M., & Vanpaemel, W. (2018). A unified framework to quantify the trustworthiness of empirical research. Advancements in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 1(3), 389–402. doi: 
  • McCarthy, R. J., & Elson, M. (2018). A Conceptual review of lab-based aggression paradigms. Collabra: Psychology, 4(1), 4. doi: 
  • Elson, M., & Przybylski, A. K. (2017). The science of technology and human behavior: Standards, old and new. Journal of Media Psychology, 29(1), 1-7. doi: 
  • Fyrbiak, M., Strauß, S., Kison, C., Wallat, S., Elson, M., Rummel, N., & Paar, C. (2017). Hardware reverse engineering: Overview and open challenges. Paper presented at the 2017 2nd International Verification and Security Workshop, IVSW 2017. doi:

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